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7 Most Common Dental Emergencies

7 Most Common Dental Emergencies

7 Most Common Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist Raleigh treats the 7 Most Common Dental Emergencies.  For these emergencies can also occur and you can contact us at 24 hours Emergency Dentist Raleigh NC  CALL US TODAY


7 Most #1 – Tooth Injury

Any trauma to a tooth or the entire jaw classifies as a tooth injury. An injury may cause the tooth to be loosened up or even become removed from its normal position. Immediately seek help from your routine local dentist if this happens to you or contact 24 hour Emergency Dental Service to find a 24 hour dentist each day. Our emergency dentist will treat your tooth injury within 24 hour dental open on Saturday We will help to restore the tooth or teeth to the normal state of the tooth before the injury. Most dentists will recommend that you don’t try to fix it on your own in order to avoid further damage.


7 Most #2 Severe Toothache

Toothache traumas that are unbearable should not be ignored. They usually signal serious problems like infection or decay. Depending on the toothache, rinsing with either cold or warm water can temporarily help. Over the counter painkillers are recommended until you can schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist listed on the Emergency Dental Services in Raleigh NC .


7 Most #3 – Knocked-out tooth

If you have a knocked-out tooth due to some trauma or accident, you have little time to waste. The tooth can be re-fixed to its socket but only if it receives emergency care within 2 hours of being knocked out. When faced with this dental emergency, gently rinsing the tooth in saline or salty water to remove any visible debris or blood is the first thing you should do. If you do not have saline available, put the tooth in small container filled with saliva and then schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist clinic.

7 Most #4 – Impaired braces

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A Trauma occurs when a wire in your braces has broken or come loose, it may poke and scrape your gums, cheeks or tongue. This calls for seeking emergency dental services with a dentist near you. As a temporary measure, you can try covering the wire end with a piece of gauze or a small cotton ball. Once you stop the wire from causing any further damage, schedule an emergency appointment as soon as possible.


7 Most #5 – Abscess Tooth | Dental Abscess | Abscessed Tooth

Another Trauma happens when you notice a painful swelling filled with pus on your gum? It could be an abscess, which is an infection that attacks a tooth’s root or the space between the gums and teeth. Leaving the infection untreated can cause it to severely damage surrounding tissue on your teeth and even spread to rest of the body. Get an emergency dental appointment  here at our emergency dental clinic immediately without wasting time.

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7 Most #6 – Cracked, Broken or chipped tooth

A common Trauma is a small cracks in the tooth can be fixed with filling. More serious cases may require procedures like a tooth extraction or root canal therapy. At any rate, attend to the damaged tooth as soon as possible because it may lead to bacteria penetration into the inner tooth chamber thus causing infection.


7 Most #7 – Lost restorations like crowns or fillings

For many a trauma is when your restorations like crowns, bridges, fillings, etc. have fallen out of place, then you’ll need emergency dental services to fix them back to their original state.

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