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Dentist in Raleigh NC

Dentist Raleigh NC

More Than Just Dental Emergencies, as we treat a wide range of dental needs 984-213-4710

dentist raleigh nc
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Of course, we can treat other dental needs here at Emergency Dentist Raleigh NC.

We offer a wide range of dental services at our Dental Clinic.  If you do not have a regular local dentist, then contact us at 984-213-4710.  We can help with dentist needs such as regular check-ups and advice on how to look after your teeth and gums.

In addition, we can provide you with advice on the best implant system to use or help you find the right dentures for you or your loved ones.  With the increased treatment of implants more and more are opting for dental implants.  Thanks to modern technology, dental implants have proceeded in a long way.  It is easier and more cost-effective than ever in the past to benefit from dental implants.

We are very pleased to give you the best advice on the right dental procedure for your personal need no matter if you are considering implants or dentures.  However, dental implants many benefits, as your teeth are fixed in place.  They seem to be almost like real teeth.

Call us at Emergency Dentist Raleigh in NC 2 at 984-213-4710.  If you do not get a person, leave a message and contact info and someone will be notified and call you back.

We will make sure that Emergency Dentist Raleigh NC fits you in quickly.  Rest assured, your dental issue will be dealt with in a friendly and professional manner by our staff.

Dental in Raleigh NC



Other Services Available

We also offer a range of other dental services in and around the Raleigh, NC area. They include root canals, crowns and bridges, fillings, fractures, and extractions, even where sedation is needed. Needless to say, our dentists appreciate that any visit to a dental clinic may cause concern. We specialize in caring for adults and young patients who may be worried about visiting the dentist

What You Can Do to

Prevent Fractures?

Accidents happen and there is no foolproof way to prevent a fracture. However, doing the following can help reduce your susceptibility to cracks:

  • Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth. Wearing a mouth guard can curb habitual grinding.

  • Wear protective gear during sports.

  • Avoid chewing on hard objects like ice.

Don’t put off treatment! Unlike bones, cracked teeth don’t completely heal and can get progressively worse

How to Get In Touch and What
You Need to Know…

dentist raleigh nc
Call us for Dental Emergency

Dentist in Raleigh NC

When dental emergencies happen, it is always best to pick up the phone. Our helpful staff will schedule you in for an emergency dentist appointment in Raleigh NC  so that we can help you without delay. Having a dental emergency is always uncomfortable, and we want our patients to enjoy your weekend, and not have to suffer.

We know that dealing with a dental emergency is stressful, and here is a list of things you want to remember before you come to see us:

  • Please bring identification such as a driver’s license

  • List of medications – are you allergic to anything?

  • Dental & Dentist Insurance

CONTACT  US AT EMERGENCY DENTIST RALEIGH For All of Your Dental Needs  984-213-4710

Emergency Dentist Raleigh contact us at 984-213-4710