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Tooth Injury Raleigh NC

Tooth Injury


Tooth Injury is a major dental emergency that can happen to you or your loved ones at any time contact us at 919-371-1703 24 hours.

Whether it’s a severe toothache, a chipped or broken tooth, swollen, painful gums, or an extruded or dislodged tooth, dental emergencies can cause excruciating pain. At Emergency Dentist Raleigh our staff of highly skilled, experienced, caring, dentists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals, have the tools, training, and expertise to quickly and effectively take care of any dental emergency. Whether the problem is caused by a fall, a blow to the mouth, or a hard object, call us right away. We can help.


Get Professional Tooth Injury Care Immediately


When they suffer a tooth injury Raleigh residents and business people should get professional care as soon as possible. At Emergency Dentist in Raleigh NC  we are only a phone call away and are available 24 hours a day. The longer you wait to get the professional care you need for your dental injury, the more pain and potential damage you will face. By having us take action to address your dental emergency as soon as possible, we can provide the expert treatment you need to facilitate and speed the healing process. Damage to your teeth and gums can have serious repercussions. We can help.


A Well-Trained, Experienced Staff


At Emergency Dentist of Raleigh we have a team of well-trained, highly-skilled, experienced, dentists, orthodontists,  endodontists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and radiologists and many other types of oral health care professionals that can quickly and properly address any type of dental emergency you face. Finding the right dentist is important for these cases.  Our team of dental care specialists have the advanced, specialized, training necessary to quiet the pain and treat the damage to your teeth, gums, and jaws. We have decades of experience and have successfully treated all types of emergency dental problems.


The Right Tools And Equipment


When they suffer an emergency dental tooth injury Raleigh residents need immediate help from dental and oral care professionals with the expertise, right tools, and equipment to properly handle the problem. We have the latest and most effective dental tools and equipment for dealing with all types of dental emergencies. Whether your tooth is chipped, broken or dislodged or your dental appliance is damaged, at our facility, we have all the tools, equipment, and technology necessary to stop the pain and bleeding, repair chipped, broken or dislodged teeth and fix the damage to your bridges, dentures or other dental appliances.


A Caring, Coordinated, Team Approach


We use a caring, coordinated, team approach to provide the most effective emergency dental care. Our administrative staff will quickly and efficiently take your information and whisk you into a treatment room. They’re one of our highly-skilled, experienced, dentists, Oral Surgeons, and dental technicians immediately and accurately assess the problem and begin providing the care, pain management, and restorative services you need. We will make sure you are comfortable, well-informed, and receive timely and appropriate care for your dental emergency. We can provide you the help you need.


A Wide Array Of Specialists

No matter the type of emergency dental tooth injury you suffered, we have specialists on staff who can provide you with the appropriate treatment for your needs. The dental care team at Emergency Dentist Clinic in Raleigh include a wide array of specialists, so we can quickly deliver the exact type of emergency dental care you require. Our team has the specialized training required to instantly identify and address even the most complex dental issues. Our dental emergency specialists have earned a reputation for being able to expertly stop the pain and ensure damaged teeth look, feel, and function properly.


Fast Service for Tooth Injury at Emergency Dental of Raleigh NC


When you have suffered a painful dental emergency, being able to get the problem treated fast is vitally important. The training, expertise, and experience of our dentists, other oral health specialists, and dental technicians enables us to provide the fast service our patients want and need. With our specially-designed, cutting-edge, dental repair tools, equipment, and technology, we are able to do the job in a flash. Our knowledge of the most effective dental care techniques and methods enables us to quickly stop the pain and begin providing the expert dental repair treatments you need in a matter of minutes.


Patients Of All Ages


At  Emergency Dentist Raleigh vice we treat patients of all ages. Whether the emergency dental tooth injury happens to a young child, a teenager, an adult, or a senior citizen, we have the dental care specialists, tools, expertise, and experience to properly treat and repair any type of damage to their teeth, gums, and jaws they suffered. We understand the unique dental needs people have at different stages in their lives. Our team can provide the age-appropriate type of dental care each patient requires. Regardless of the age of the person who needs emergency dental care, we are an emergency dental services company to call at 919-371-1703


24-Hour Service at Emergency Dental in Raleigh


The Tooth Injury in Raleigh suffer can happen any time of the day or night. We understand this and have dental specialists and technicians available 24 hour emergency dentist No matter when you or your loved ones needs emergency dental care, we are only a phone call away. We are there at your time of need and are always ready, willing, and able to take care of your emergency dental problems. Time is of the essence when you have a dental emergency. Waiting too long to get care can put your oral health at risk. That’s why we recommend you call us immediately to schedule a visit any time a dental emergency occurs.

dental emergency raleigh nc


Affordable Prices with Tooth Injury


Cost does not have to be a barrier preventing you and your loved ones from getting the quality emergency dental care they need. Our emergency dental services are affordable on almost any budget. Many people are pleasantly surprised who we tell them how affordable it is for them to get the emergency dental care they need. When you or your loved ones are in excruciating pain because of a dental emergency, the last thing you need to hear is you are unable to afford the dental care you need. We ensure our prices are reasonable, so when they suffer emergency dental tooth injury Raleigh residents can afford to get help from us.


Forget Public Dental Health Clinics


When you or someone you care about suffering a Tooth Injury Raleigh residents do not have to spend hours writhing in pain while sitting in the waiting room of public dental health clinic. These clinics often have long lines, few dentists and dental technicians, and outdated dental tools, equipment, and technology. Even though the clinics do their best, patients are often unable to get the fast, effective, quality care they need. If the dental emergency is not handled properly, it can leave patients with chronic dental problems and teeth that don’t look or function properly.


Oral and Maxilla Facial Surgery And More


In some cases, people who suffer emergency dental tooth injury may need oral or maxillofacial surgery to correct and treat the problem. At Emergency Dentist in Raleigh we have the specialized staff, technology, and expertise to provide patients with the oral and maxillofacial surgical services they need. We also have radiologists, oral pathologists, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists, and more to handle many different types of emergency dental tooth injury Raleigh residents suffer. Whether the emergency is related to damage to the teeth, gums, jaw, or anywhere else in the mouth, call or visit us right away. We can provide the dental emergency diagnosis, treatment, and management services you need to heal properly 24-hour Emergency Dental Raleigh.

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